Creators of Fun

Grow Smart is an authorized distributor of BasicFun brands

in the MENA region.

Basic Fun experts in play and makers of toys. Basic Fun is a

leader in toy production and distribution focusing on collectibles,

tiny dolls, retro toys, preschool, vehicles, youth electronics,

science toys, and construction.

Basic Fun

is Making Toys Here Bringing the joy of play to kids around the world is a serious business, and having fun is a requirement! Whether it’s the final product or the process of making toys, this principle is intertwined into everything we do.


K’NEX is a rod and connector building system that lets you build BIG and make it move. With over 430 awards and recognitions, the K’NEX product line has building toys specially designed for every age group and skill level.


Misfittens are made with soft, squishable material that is easy to squeeze and stuff into the tiniest of spaces! Then rescue your Misfits today from their misfitting containers and watch them puff back up to double in size!


are soft, squishy, water-filled collectibles that feature all of your favorite licensed characters. Each Mash’em is uniquely styled and has a proprietary SQUISH that you can’t resist! Squeeze, swish, and watch Mash’ems swirl.


Lite-Brite lets you create art with light using design templates and bright, colorful pegs – then lights it up like a neon sign. Enjoy creating beautiful light art with retro favorites. Great for displaying on your desk, or tabletop! 


Tonka inspires kids to create stories, get moving, and stay active, while igniting imaginations to run away from screens and into new adventures! The Steel Classics Fleet is built Tonka Tough with real steel!

My Little Pony

Girls have loved Hasbro’s My Little Pony since the 1980s, and now we’ve recreated the original pony friends for a whole new generation to love! With long, shiny hair that you can brush, braid, and style.


A Leading manufacturer of toys. which has been
producing original building blocks.
Toy Backbone Brand building blocks with more
than 450 products.
Grow Smart is an authorized distributor of Qman
brands in the MENA region.